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To evaluate worship, don’t watch the platform but the pew.

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Worship Needs Both Emotion & Bible Truth

[Jonathan] “Edwards [his 1744 ordination sermon just quoted] was utterly convinced on the crucial importance of powerful affections in worship . . . There must be heat in the heart and light in the mind . . . Christian Hedonism … Continue reading

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Raising Hands in Worship

  True worship of God is not for spectators. “Lift up your hands in the sanctuary and bless the Lord.” (Psa 134.2). . . . “I will therefore that men pray every where, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and … Continue reading

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Is Worship Just a Blessed, High Moment or a Doorway?

Worship can be more than a brief blessing in the church service. Praise God for this but there is more fruit on the vine! Tender music can be a door way. It can open our tender feelings towards God.  Heartfelt, earnest … Continue reading

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Spending Time with Jesus

  An author wrote of attending a dinner where Corre Ten Boom was present. After dinner they were seated in the living room. The author observed that Corre kept two conversations going, one with the party guests but also had … Continue reading

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Dress Up for Church?

 In Bible school we students were advised to avoid extremes in church attire. One should not look like something that the cat drug in. On the other hand, we should not lead the fashion parade – “May I have your attention, please! … Continue reading

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Music: Does God Care What I Listen To?

  Jesus is not my Lord until He is Lord over my music. What does the Bible teach about music? What is “Christian” music? All kinds of music are on the scene today. Before deciding what I should listen to, … Continue reading

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