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Why Doesn’t God Give Us The Reasons Behind Our Trials, Tragedies and Sufferings?

Why doesn’t God tell us the reasons behind our trials, illnesses, tragedies and sufferings? Is He being insensitive, unloving? Joni Erikinson-Tada believes that it is because mere answers do not increase faith!  Reading God’s Word does strengthen faith(Rom 10.17; Psa … Continue reading

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The Problem Of Evil

   Through the centuries people have asked: “How can a good God allow evil and suffering? Why does He not prevent  genocide, disease, hatred, wars, rape, atrocities, tornadoes? Is God unloving, powerless or retired? I  would prefer  earth to be like … Continue reading

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Job Hassles, Temptations, Inappropriate Stuff

 Christian principles for job hassles, sticky situations, inappropriate comments. Walk in Bible truth and peace.  1.  Is God’s primary concern  stretching and changing you  or organizational  improvements?   2.   There can be a difference between doing right and trying to prevent others from doing … Continue reading

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