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4 hours ago “Tolerance” does not render objective truth untrue. The Gospel is not politically correct. Political correctness crucifies Truth.-twitter

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If All Religions Were True . . . ?

  If all religions in the world were true, the world would be like a three-legged chicken with five heads. – adapted from BBN message by Erwin Lutzer. What is truth? Reality resolves issues. Right now some are struggling to … Continue reading

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Diversity v. First Amendment speech

  Diversity, diversity, diversity. Tolerance is the buzz word today. Let’s dissect it. A friend of mine was telling me of a lunch time conversation he and some fellow workers had. They were talking about moral standards and “Stan” made … Continue reading

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Is it diversity or sin?

   “Diversity, diversity, tolerance, tolerance.” It’s the mantra right now. Voters and local candidates do well to remember history’s big picture. Rome’s moral depravity destroyed them. American hedonism is bent on following Rome. The “Diversity vs. Sin” debate is  really “any thing … Continue reading

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Does God or Man decide what sin is?

 Is it intolerant to call sin sin? Is spiritual truth absolute or relative?  Does God or man decide what sin really is? FALSE TEACHING/LIE: “There is nothing wrong and nothing right. It is all just a matter of one’s view. . … Continue reading

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