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Godly Dating Rules

  Do you believe in godly dating standards, a game plan? The Bible does too. Genesis 24 is the warm, wonderful story of how Isaac and Rebekah were brought together. Rebekah was a beautiful virgin with a heart to serve others. … Continue reading

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Why Is Sin So Evil?

  Have you too wondered why sin was so evil? What does God hate it so much? Why isn’t God open to compromise? One definition of sin, “an organized power, a principle. ” Earth is God’s property, His harvest fields. … Continue reading

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Fornication Addiction Can Steal Soul Mate, Child-bearing Years

  Sad . . . really sad to hear of those wasting many child bearing years. Was God’s choice of a spouse missed because one was  AWOL, addicted to immorality, fornication?  Skirt hounds, tramps and cohabiters pay a high price. … Continue reading

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Discouragement Can Be A Good Thing If . . .

  Discouragement or disappointment can be a good thing if it leads us deeper. No one needs “quicksand,” dead end, “I’m done,” despair. It can lead to destructive behavior, addictive habits or suicide. But if inner hopelessness or depression prompts us … Continue reading

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Teen Group Discussion #2 – David & Bathsheba

    This is a suggested exercise for a teen group or family Bible time. You are a friend of King David in Jerusalem. While visiting him one evening you are told  that he has just sent a messenger to … Continue reading

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Why some Christians struggle, backslide, drop out?

  Life is relationships. Number one is our relationship with our Creator God.  If our relationship with God is suffering we know how it can impact our human relationships.   What can cause one to live a cold, defeated, Christian life?: 1. DOUBLE … Continue reading

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Hollywood and Titillation

Titillation is defined as: “to excite or stimulate pleasure.” We know that Hollywood and TV is past master at this. Movies and programs can start out seemingly harmless. We get interested, hooked. Then Satan’s lewdness goes to work on our … Continue reading

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Did Elvis Miss God’s Calling?

Elvis, that magic voice! What a talent!  He was a spellbinder. What did God have in mind when He created that young boy in Mississippi? What charisma he was given by God. Bing Crosby (“White Christmas”), Nat King Cole (“The … Continue reading

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