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Why doesn’t God keep Christians from committing suicide? He is supposed to supply all a Christian’s needs? (Phil 4.19)

Why doesn’t God keep every believer from committing every sin, every bad choice?  Answer: Free will. Freedom of choice is a very serious responsibility. God  chose to give us free will—not make us robots with no option to sin. Suicide … Continue reading

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Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse: Drugs Are Satan’s Limo

 Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse, Michael Jackson, Elvis, Jimmy Hendricks plus an endless list of other singers and celebs  allegedly had drug issues. What a waste of ability and life. What should we learn from all these unnecessary deaths? Perhaps one good thing … Continue reading

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11 Ways to be Lonely, Bored, Unfulfilled

 “I’m feeling down, alone, unfulfilled. Life is dull. My job is boring. I hate to go to work. No close friends. Nobody really cares. Life is no fun. I want to escape it. I see no relief. At least sin dulls … Continue reading

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