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Questions for Bible skeptics, outsiders

Do you believe that outsiders to an academic field know more about it than insiders? Name some academic fields where outsiders know more than the insiders who have studied it (medicine, chemical engineering, nuclear physics)? What was the purpose of … Continue reading

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    Every religion has some unanswered questions, not just the Judeo-Christian world view. And leaving the Judeo-Christian framework, the questions multiply. Other world views bring  more not less questions. Creator God is seeking those with faith so He is … Continue reading

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Exposing Common Self-Defeating Statements

Noticed how many doubters  and skeptics do not apply their statements to their own comments? . . . “All truth comes from science.” A. Is that a scientific truth? Where can I find it? 2. “All talk about God is … Continue reading

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Two types Of Teachers

courtesy: goodfreephotos.com Are your instructors wiser than a pile of rocks? Below are quotes from two distinctly different camps of teachers. Does one better express your views? GROUP A: “Almighty God is not under our microscope. We are under His.” “God is testing … Continue reading

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Can You Detect False Teachers?

  “Avoid profane and vain babblings.” (1 Tim 6.20-21). Warren Wiersbe writes about an Army chaplain who preached that there was no hell. Afterwards some soldiers suggested to him that his services were not needed. He should resign. They reasoned that if … Continue reading

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Ask Atheists Why Evil Bothers Them?

  In talking with atheists and skeptics one question repeatedly arises, “Why is there evil if God is good and in control?” In his Focus on the Family, Truth Project messages, Dell Tackett suggests this reply:  “Why should evil bother you?” We remember … Continue reading

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