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Talking with skeptics and atheists

(1) We all appreciate kindness and love.  “sweetness of speech increases persuasiveness” (Prov 16.21 NAS); . . . .”speaking the truth in love” (Eph 5.15 NAS). (2) A Christian’s objective in a conversation or post should not be to win … Continue reading

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Are Unsaved Philosophers Qualified To Teach Bible Truths?

In evaluating eternal issues including philosophies explaining absolutes and reality, one is immediately brought to a crossroads. Who has absolutes, eternal truth? Reality? Is western philosophy adding to or detracting from one’s ability to accept Jesus Christ and grow in … Continue reading

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  courtesy: goodfreephotos.com There was a Scotsman from Stout Fine musician no doubt but was warned so ripe Don’t run with bagpipes you could put an aye out   An  upholstery shop worker named Tao got caught in the machine … Continue reading

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Philosophy Limericks

courtesy: goodfreephotos.com A philosopher-skeptic named Bloom/At death, hell did loom./Is this my downfall?/Emergency call!/ I need Nietzsche, Kant and Hume. There was a skeptic named Phil/Who’s faith in God was nil./After death, hell was bidding/He said, “I was just kidding,”/But God … Continue reading

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