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Why does the Bible devote so much space to the same basic issues including: Person/Work of Christ, sin, redemption, godly living?

Blades get dull over time. Likewise the Church can lose its edge, it vision, over time. Every twenty years the next generation needs to be sharpened, retooled. “The Puritans talked of revival, visitation, awakening. . . .Founder George Mason talked … Continue reading

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Earth’s Deepest Hole: How Deep Is Deep?

  The deepest man-made hole on earth is the Kola Well in Russia. It is 8 miles deep. Life is different down at that depth. Even the water down there is different from what we know. .  “They were surprised to find … Continue reading

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You can’t defeat sin!

  We cannot defeat sin  in our strength! We cannot stop sinning. How many lost people are futilely  trying to  stop sin in their own efforts? How many times have we failed?  Give up! we are helpless. Step one – admit … Continue reading

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How’s Your Restaurant Table Reach?

The other night seven of us from church dined out. After some two hours of food and splashing gracious comments  around John asked our server a question. Brianna was a slight, light-haired girl. She had hovered and given us good … Continue reading

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One night stands

 One night stands are not new. Evidently God sees them significant enough for the Bible to address. In Proverbs chapter 7, Solomon gives his son advice regarding  women.    Why did God put Proverbs 7 in the Bible?  Several possible reasons for this … Continue reading

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Cheap tires & cheap, cohabiting relationships cause blow outs

     My wife and I were eating out with two other couples and a single friend last weekend. Godly conversation was flowing. Our  server was a slight, light haired girl.   “Brianna” was efficient.  She seemed to have a sad countenance though. … Continue reading

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Why some Christians struggle, backslide, drop out?

  Life is relationships. Number one is our relationship with our Creator God.  If our relationship with God is suffering we know how it can impact our human relationships.   What can cause one to live a cold, defeated, Christian life?: 1. DOUBLE … Continue reading

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Does God or Man decide what sin is?

 Is it intolerant to call sin sin? Is spiritual truth absolute or relative?  Does God or man decide what sin really is? FALSE TEACHING/LIE: “There is nothing wrong and nothing right. It is all just a matter of one’s view. . … Continue reading

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