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Should The Military Draft Women?

Should NBA and NFL teams  draft women? If not, why not? Would that impact a team’s performance? Would it be a good idea for college football teams to have female players? Sadly, ladies are selling their souls to be like … Continue reading

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Low Self Image? Don’t Measure Up?

courtesy: goodfreephotos.com Why do some people have right self-esteem and others do not? Can I feel better about myself? What  are causes of low self-esteem? Disappointment with self? Displeasing others? Guilt? sin? Secret: Self esteem comes from being responsible. If one … Continue reading

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A Biblical Look At Self-Esteem

 A. Secular/Popular Evangelical View:  I am human, not a dog. Therefore I am valuable. I am wonderfully made therefore I am wonderful. I have intrinsic worth. God loves me unconditionally. God Don’t  Make No Junk. B. Biblical View:  I am … Continue reading

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“You Are No Good! You Won’t Amount To Anything”

  courtesy: goodfreephotos.com The enemy can whisper: “It’s true what your father said to you, You are a no good loser, a failure. You will never amount to any thing. Dad doesn’t love you.” Do you believe that? Is the … Continue reading

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Life’s Three Big Questions!

  Life’s big questons. What three questions echo down through the ages? Children ask them. Adults want to know. We deserve reasonable answers. Who has the right answers? There is much confusion out there.    Question #1 – Where did I come from?: Option … Continue reading

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Sin Steals Self Worth

  “Sin undermines self worth.” – Erwin Lutzer. To compensate for this our fleshly pride tries to fill the void. Earthly desires can fill the void  – improperly try to compensate for our low self-esteem. Our flesh  tries to jack up our self-worth with … Continue reading

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