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Is Science An Adequate Religion?

Science cannot explain many essential things including where the spirit and soul of man come from. Why can we not watch them being created as we can the human fetus? Science cannot forgive sin, make man good or give eternal … Continue reading

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15 Problems With Evolution

                                           “holding fast the faithful word (Tit 1.9a).      “False prophets shall arise.” (Mark 13.22). If God is Creator He is the father of all knowledge including science and nature. Chance evolution believes by faith that … Continue reading

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Proving God’s Existence by Logic

  Calling all agnostics, atheists and God seekers. For those earnestly desiring to know if God exists, please read on. This uses logic to support God’s existence. Imagine a big bowl on the kitchen table. It is totally empty. You leave the room … Continue reading

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