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Thought For The Day #1: How To Be Led by The Spirit

  Thought for the day: Want to  be led by the Spirit of God after being saved? If you are living clean, Christian, ask The Holy Spirit to fill you daily!

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If I Believe God Loves Me, Am I Saved?

  Many outsiders call Christian “hypocrites” because their lifestyles are not godly – no different from the unsaved. Is salvation  a warm feeling about God or is deep, radical change involved?  Key Bible Facts About Repentance and Salvation: Repentance is mandatory to … Continue reading

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10 Comments “Dead,” Religious People Don’t Make

Time and again well schooled, refined folk get easily embarrassed at the sound of simple Bible concepts: beings saved, born again, blood of Jesus.  Nicodemus and the Pharisees were very religious but not saved. (Jn 8.44). I grew up “religious’ in a … Continue reading

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How God Used a Major Relationship Loss

In the middle 1800s in London, England it was said that there were two great churches. One was Charles Hadden Spurgeon’s Metropolitian Baptist Tabernacle. The other was Pastor F. B. Meyer’s church. I found this wonderful story in  the biography of … Continue reading

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Is One Saved Little by Little Or All On One Day?

There is much confusion as to how and when one is redeemed, converted, saved. Many think that one is saved little by little, inch by inch, year by year. This view suggests that one must earn his salvation by his … Continue reading

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