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Better To Be Lonely Or Have Bad Friends?

       Many people seem to face this tough choice. Loneliness seems to never stop. Yet bad friends can bring long term heartache. It’s a Catch-22. Has God got any solution, any wisdom, here? Yes! The underlying issue may be … Continue reading

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Jesus Can Deliver From Sexual Addiction

                 Jesus Christ has supernatural power to deliver from drugs, booze, gambling and sexual addictions! One need not be a long-term slave. Satan’s lie is that there is no deliverance (Jn 8.44).  He always arrives on the wings … Continue reading

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Why Is It So Hard To Avoid Bad Friends?

  1. We love our sins 2. Without godly friends we take the path of least resistance – the easy, quick options 3. Without regular Bible reading and Christian teaching we lack the self-control to say “no” 4. Many believe Satan’s … Continue reading

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Satan’s lie: ‘worldly relationships are necessary to be fulfilled’

  How many  are buying the big lie that: God’s people are not enough for you.? To be contented in life you need cool, worldly friends and worldly play toys? I experienced just the opposite after being saved. I was lonely … Continue reading

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