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How Many Drug Dealers Do You Know Who Are: Retired, Free And Alive? Drugs Is A Fool’s Game–Satan’s Ice Cream.

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Harry Potter And The Occult

  Harry Potter And The Occult While teaching a group this year, a young man entered the room belatedly. He said he needed ‘Christianity.” He said that the was bothered by evil spirits and could not sleep. He appeared to … Continue reading

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Spiritual Warfare: Identifying The Enemy’s Lies

Some one said that Satan always comes in on the wings of a lie. Are these lies fooling believers and nonbelievers? You can resist temptation in your own strength. You are stronger than sin and Satan. Building up your faith … Continue reading

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How To Win Battles Over Temptation

        Run inside God’s house of salvation; abide in Jesus. Pray daily about a pet sin habit. Get serious! Satan won’t  walk past an open door; avoid people who do not protect you morally and strengthen you spiritually. … Continue reading

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Why Do The Greek Gods Remain Popular?: 3 Possibilities

      We hear the names of Atlas, Nike and Zeus. I have a theory as to why the ancient, mythical Greek gods remain so popular today.   They allow the mouth though not the sinner’s heart to  acknowledge that … Continue reading

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Who Is Thankful? Who Is Dissatisfied?

          The advertising industry’s “job” is to make us dissatisfied enough to  buy a new car or new product. Aging can make us dissatisfied with our mate. Satan convinced Eve to be dissatisfied with God’s provision (Gen. 3.1-6). … Continue reading

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IF You Believe It Does That Make It True?

  If you believe it does that make it real? If we do not realize that a toy is on the floor, does that mean we will not trip over it in the middle of the night? If I sincerely believe … Continue reading

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5 Things Dad Never Told Me – Part 15

  1. If the views of creation held by world religions were all true the world would resemble an explosion in a clock factory. Mixing all religions would be like a five-headed cow.  2. Satan is the father of lies (Jn … Continue reading

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Satan’s 5 Attacks On The Family

  Why are half of the marriages this year going to end in divorce? Why do two-thirds of remarriages fail? How is Satan so effective? Where are many missing it?  Attack #1: Distract Christians from  faithful Bible reading (Rom 10.17; Psa 119.9,11; 119 all … Continue reading

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Who Has The Better Plan For You, Satan Or Jesus?

  Satan is called the father of lies. How can I trust that? (Jn 8.44). One of Jesus’ name is Truth! (Jn 14.6). Jesus replaces guilt with sweet peace, joy . . . so wonderul. That means less stress, strife, worry, hassle, sleeping … Continue reading

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