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America’s Big Moral Issues?

  goodfreephotos.com unthankful to God for His great blessings on this land sin-thirsty hardhearted, unwilling to change mind about sin shallow spirituality without: repentance of sin, Bible reading, obedience to church leaders, willingness to come together to worship God addicted … Continue reading

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How Many Biblical Principles Are The Critics Of Josh Duggar And His Family Violating?

Since the recent admission of adultery, Josh Duggar has published his confession.  We all are grieved. Consequences will likely follow him long term. But some who want God’s mercy when they stumble yet withhold their mercy when others need it. … Continue reading

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Why Did The Christian Life Not Work For Me?

        Several possible reasons for failure: never truly turned from sin, repented – just mouthed some words, still unsaved (Jer 29.13). failed to grasp that salvation is a totally supernatural, free gift paid for by Christ’s death on … Continue reading

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Are You A Moral Person? Who Is Moral?

        Who is moral? How much or little morality is enough? Which yardstick do we use to decide it? If one does not care, ia that not saying that morality is not of interest to him? Thus he locks himself … Continue reading

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What Do Angels In Heaven Talk About? Could You Chat?

  Could you sit down and chat with heavenly angels? Got stuff in common? On the same page? What do they like to talk about? ” I tell you there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over … Continue reading

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If I Believe God Loves Me, Am I Saved?

  Many outsiders call Christian “hypocrites” because their lifestyles are not godly – no different from the unsaved. Is salvation  a warm feeling about God or is deep, radical change involved?  Key Bible Facts About Repentance and Salvation: Repentance is mandatory to … Continue reading

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