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Joe: Can each one set his or her own right and wrong? Lifestyle? Bob: All truth is relative. There is no absolute truth. Joe: You say that there is no absolute truth, yet your statement sounds absolute. Are you absolutely sure that there is no absolute truth? -after Frank Turek, Stealing From God

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All Religions Are Just Different Paths Up The Mountain To God.

Reply: Really? This sounds like  an absolute statement being used to justify relative truth. It is self-defeating on its face. Contradictory. One cannot have it both ways. There can be no absolute truth without an absolute Lawgiver. If there is … Continue reading

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Does God or Man decide what sin is?

 Is it intolerant to call sin sin? Is spiritual truth absolute or relative?  Does God or man decide what sin really is? FALSE TEACHING/LIE: “There is nothing wrong and nothing right. It is all just a matter of one’s view. . … Continue reading

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