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Screening Potential Friends

We check out new stuff wanting to enter our life: new restaurants, try on shoes before buying and test drive cars. How might we do that with potential mates? One thing to include can be asking questions to learn who … Continue reading

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7 Things Dad Never Told Me – Part 2

  1.  Being sour or joyful is a daily choice. 2.  Don’t return a neighbor’s lawn mower or Mom’s car with an empty gas tank. Return it better than you borrowed it.  Don’t be a moocher. 3.  Real friends don’t bring … Continue reading

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How getting saved improved my relationships

  As I sit down to write this before sunrise, I am again amazed how God’s Spirit gives me fresh little items to share with you.  Today is special, December 21st! I am celebrating the anniversary of my salvation day. I … Continue reading

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Relationships with heavy drinkers, druggies, gamblers, law breakers

  Sin slaves are not free emotionally, morally, behaviorally or financially to form healthy relationships with any one. Slaves are already married, already committed. Stimulants or some other pet sin is their spouse. It often drains much of their time, energy … Continue reading

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Jesus lifted her burden

   Like warm, tender stories with good endings? Read John 4. 1-45. Jesus encounters a fallen lady at a well, a very public place. After asking her for a drink of water Jesus stirs her curiosity about who He is. He … Continue reading

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One night stands

 One night stands are not new. Evidently God sees them significant enough for the Bible to address. In Proverbs chapter 7, Solomon gives his son advice regarding  women.    Why did God put Proverbs 7 in the Bible?  Several possible reasons for this … Continue reading

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Friends first relationships

  How many singles have tried the “Friends First” concept to mating? With half of current marriages ending in divorce surely a better plan is needed.  I have friends, Daniel and Michelle, Esther and Bob, who went this route and … Continue reading

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Influencing our relationships

  Former NFL coach, Tony Dungy, a Christian, offers some helpful insights for our relationships. He says in his book, Mentor Leader, that “by influencing another person we lead that person. Leadership is not dependant on a formal position or … Continue reading

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Satan’s lie: ‘worldly relationships are necessary to be fulfilled’

  How many  are buying the big lie that: God’s people are not enough for you.? To be contented in life you need cool, worldly friends and worldly play toys? I experienced just the opposite after being saved. I was lonely … Continue reading

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Got missing relationships? ‘Marry’ Jesus and His friends.

 Think that you may have missed the relationship bus?   Adam fellowshipped with God in the Garden. But Adam’s sin caused God to kick him out of the Garden. That closeness was lost. A longing for the God we were created to … Continue reading

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