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Reflecting on Hallmark movies

Taste in movies varies widely, even among Christians. As a repeat viewer of many Hallmark films I offer my evaluation of them  as a whole. Exceptions exist! Generally what do I see as their pluses and minuses? Pluses: little titillation … Continue reading

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Responding To The “F Word”: Suggestions

Should the filthy “F word” now define our society? Has it become the trademark of the younger generation? How should godly people respond when hearing it? Silently retreat in defeat or are there  other options? ‘I don’t like to see … Continue reading

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The Power Of Silence

    Is there power in  silence? Power in remaining quiet?  The power of zero? Zippo. 1 Peter 3.1ff tells the godly wife to win her unsaved husband by her behavior while remaining silent. No nagging or preaching to him at … Continue reading

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America Is Composed Of Many Subcultures

             What is America? Is the USA of Hollywood and the entertainment industry the true America? Or is America the Wall Street and New York City glitz and glam? Or is America an extension of the sports … Continue reading

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7 Things Dad Never Told Me – Part 21

    1.  Some football coaches like the challenge of rebuilding  a losing team. The worse the organization the greater the upside!  Jesus came into a bad situation, a sinful, lost world. He was expecting to rebuild losers, sinners, from the … Continue reading

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What Three Words Best Describe You? What Are Your Core Values?

   What three words best describe you?:    unhappy/bored/unsuccessful?  Carefree/flesh/feeling good?  Family/Jesus/clean living?  Confused/searching/lost? What determines our moods, agenda, and behavior?  Here are a few basic questions each one must decide about. I have chosen pay as you go not deep debt and its … Continue reading

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Avoiding Skanky Living: Book Review – Before You Meet Prince Charming, A Guide To Radiant Purity

    My fav TV show is “19 Kids and Counting.” This Arkansas family (Jim Bob and Michelle Dugger – parents) are show what living for Jesus means to them. I tend to tear up watching their tender, humble, simple lifestyle. The author … Continue reading

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Campus Christian Groups VS The Greeks

  Rush a frat or sorority? Who should I hang with? How does the moral atmosphere vary? Godly relationships begin with Jesus, Bible values and godly friends. Some while back I heard a Christian girl sharing about her escape from the ungodly … Continue reading

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Godly Dating Rules

  Do you believe in godly dating standards, a game plan? The Bible does too. Genesis 24 is the warm, wonderful story of how Isaac and Rebekah were brought together. Rebekah was a beautiful virgin with a heart to serve others. … Continue reading

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A Return to Modesty: Book review

  A Return to Modesty by Wendy Shalit Wendy Shalit was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and received her B.A. in philosophy from Williams College. Her essays have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Commentary, City Journal, and other publications. Her … Continue reading

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