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If Jesus Is The Cornerstone . . .

     “Behold I lay in Zion a choice stone, a precious cornerstone, and he who believes in Him shall not be disappointed.” (1 Ptr. 2.6 NAS). “In constructing a stone building, a cornerstone is a main support element where … Continue reading

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Are Christians bigoted, intolerant of other religions?

     Detractors may ask: “Why are Christians intolerant, narrow minded of other religions?”  This is a sneaky, trick question. It falsely implies that Christians are preventing people from choosing the religion of their choice.    I prefer the questions “Does each person … Continue reading

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Can Secular Schools Undermine Faith?

   The Army and secular colleges make a strong Christian stronger and a weak   Christian weaker. -unknown. Three fourths of students from Christian homes lose their faith at  a secular college. -Ed Blount. Many students’ faith is undone in the philosophy, … Continue reading

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Will Jesus save those in other religions?

  The short answer is that Jesus wants to save any and all who will trust Him. “whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord [Jesus] shall be saved.” (Rom 10.13) (Matt 11.28-30; Jn 3.16; 10.28). Come today and … Continue reading

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Jesus’ Ascension, New Age & Kangaroos

  “After saying this, he was taken up into a cloud while they were watching, and they could no longer see him.  . .  two white-robed men suddenly stood among them. ‘Men of Galilee,’ they said, ‘why are you standing … Continue reading

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