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Why Do People Curse?

  Ever wondered why some people curse or take God’s name in vain? We know that it can be triggered by hitting one’s finger with a hammer, a bad driver, hurtful words or pain. But much cussing occurs far beyond … Continue reading

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Dealing With Foul Language

  I think this is worth repeating. Driving down I-75 I saw a huge, full length sign on the side of  a tractor trailer going  in the opposite direction – ” JESUS CHRIST IS LORD – NOT A SWEAR WORD” The trucker’s boldness … Continue reading

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“Lady, We Cuss Around Here. Would You Fit In?”

  “Let your speech always be with grace, seasoned, as it were, with salt, so that you may know how you should respond to each person.” (Col 4.6 NAS). On a recent, rough and tumble,  TV reality show a  job applicant was … Continue reading

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Should Womens’ Magazines Use Curse Words?

  Our local paper recently reported that Glamour magazine was testing the waters using curse words in print. Cosmopolitan has reportedly long preferred crudeness over good taste. I commend the many papers, radio and TV outlets for maintaining good taste standards, respecting … Continue reading

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Job Hassles, Temptations, Inappropriate Stuff

 Christian principles for job hassles, sticky situations, inappropriate comments. Walk in Bible truth and peace.  1.  Is God’s primary concern  stretching and changing you  or organizational  improvements?   2.   There can be a difference between doing right and trying to prevent others from doing … Continue reading

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