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Flash Alert! The Christian Life Is Not Forcing Oneself To Attend Boring Meetings With Lame People

          I can hear some unsaved sinners saying, “If I became a Christian I would have to attend meetings I don’t care for . . .   sing clunky, uncool music, hear boring sermons and hang with lame believers. Why … Continue reading

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Jesus Can Deliver From Sexual Addiction

                 Jesus Christ has supernatural power to deliver from drugs, booze, gambling and sexual addictions! One need not be a long-term slave. Satan’s lie is that there is no deliverance (Jn 8.44).  He always arrives on the wings … Continue reading

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Salvation By Grace Vs Cheap Grace: Will Redeemed Saints Continue In Sin?

  “being justified as a gift by His grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus.” (Rom 3.24 NAS). Jesus’ gracious death on the Cross has already paid for the repentant sinner’s sins. No one can earn his  way to  … Continue reading

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How Can A Man Born Evil Become Good?

  This question has been asked by people for centuries. Anti-God, German philosopher, Immanuel Kant asked it. A solution almost defies logic. Things created as trees remain trees. They do not change into corn stalks or rocks. A poodle on Monday … Continue reading

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Free Heart Transplant

  Whether an angry monkey slinging refuse on those below or a man whose mouth is a toilet bowl, neither is civilized. Both mimic  the brute in the wild – untamed, flesh-driven. Being short of God’s grace, goodness is not the high … Continue reading

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