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Is Romantic love more than a feeling? Quick words?

  True story. A church couple asked their teenage girls class what subjects they wanted to talk about? All 13 replied in a survey–love and marriage. The teacher asked them, “suppose your boyfriend said, “I love you,” how would you … Continue reading

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Playing Red Rover

Did you ever play Red Rover as a kid? I mean the group game where you try to run through two opponents’ arms who are holding hands. With enough speed and power you can cause their hand grip to slip.  I recall  … Continue reading

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How’s Your Restaurant Table Reach?

The other night seven of us from church dined out. After some two hours of food and splashing gracious comments  around John asked our server a question. Brianna was a slight, light-haired girl. She had hovered and given us good … Continue reading

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That Male-Female Chemistry is Lurking

The male-female chemistry is  hard wired. We can be attracted to any number of people besides our spouse.  That’s life. Believers can become  infatuated with believers or unbelievers. It is certainly not the Holy Spirit leading one to become emotionally involved … Continue reading

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