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Ever Feel That Deep, Cosmic Loneliness? Why Do We Have It?

Of course. Some seem to feel it more deeply than others. We were created for close fellowship with the Lord God. But when man sinned God kicked him out of the Garden (Gen 3). Close fellowship stopped and we feel … Continue reading

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Understanding Loneliness

        Have you ever been really lonely?  Some possible reasons for being lonely include: longing for that relationship with Dad that never happened don’t understand the eternal difference between boring, dead religion and having the Holy Spirit … Continue reading

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Better To Be Lonely Or Have Bad Friends?

       Many people seem to face this tough choice. Loneliness seems to never stop. Yet bad friends can bring long term heartache. It’s a Catch-22. Has God got any solution, any wisdom, here? Yes! The underlying issue may be … Continue reading

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“I’m Far From God. I Feel Like A Ship Without A Compass. I Drift Around.”

  That truly describes me before I came to Jesus. There are so many blind alleys, dead ends to take. I’m fortunate to be alive. No way would I go back to that old life of drifting, loneliness, sin and … Continue reading

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Discouragement Can Be A Good Thing If . . .

  Discouragement or disappointment can be a good thing if it leads us deeper. No one needs “quicksand,” dead end, “I’m done,” despair. It can lead to destructive behavior, addictive habits or suicide. But if inner hopelessness or depression prompts us … Continue reading

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Are you user friendly? 7 Tips

  Tips on making friends:  1. Ask God for a couple of godly friends (of the same gender).  2.   Be yourself. Life is too short. If one cannot accept you as you are, move on! Do you like phonys? How refreshing honesty is  … Continue reading

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11 Tips to Find the Right Mate

“Singles lack a plan. They go into dating, into love, to relationships and they are winging it.”–Van Epp, marriage and family counselor. America’s sky high divorce rate shows that “dating” has not been a very successful mating method. Divorce rates … Continue reading

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Got missing relationships? ‘Marry’ Jesus and His friends.

 Think that you may have missed the relationship bus?   Adam fellowshipped with God in the Garden. But Adam’s sin caused God to kick him out of the Garden. That closeness was lost. A longing for the God we were created to … Continue reading

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11 Ways to be Lonely, Bored, Unfulfilled

 “I’m feeling down, alone, unfulfilled. Life is dull. My job is boring. I hate to go to work. No close friends. Nobody really cares. Life is no fun. I want to escape it. I see no relief. At least sin dulls … Continue reading

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Bored with Life, Unfulfilling Relationships?

“Terry” arrived slightly late for a luncheon meeting of prolife friends at Shoney’s Restaurant.  He burst into the reserve dining room with a loud “Praise the Lord!” It was welcomed. It seemed to loosen up the group – raise the … Continue reading

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