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12 Reasons Why Living Together Is Self-defeating

-courtesy: goodfree photos 1. Like racing an expensive sports car through  the woods is misusing one’s purity, modesty and virginity.  The Bible puts it this way: “As a ring of gold in a swine’s snout, So is a beautiful woman who … Continue reading

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“Mommy, Why Aren’t You And Daddy Married? I Want A Real Family.”

  Cohabiting is faddish in America. Holy marriage is down.  It is shaking one’s little fist in the face of a holy God! Living together is boldly declaring to the neighbors that one is on the devil’s side. It takes a cold person to breathe … Continue reading

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Is Adultery Despising, Rejecting God?

  America has lost her virginity.  Adultery, fornication are now commonplace. Divorces, disease and alienation are rampant. The sexual freedom spawned in the 1960s has not brought heaven on earth but heartache and evil.  Man’s way is not better than Creator … Continue reading

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How’s Your Restaurant Table Reach?

The other night seven of us from church dined out. After some two hours of food and splashing gracious comments  around John asked our server a question. Brianna was a slight, light-haired girl. She had hovered and given us good … Continue reading

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Cohabit? Secular author offers downside, premarital issues

  In addition to offending a holy God, does cohabiting come at a price? Risky? Self magazine author Helena Rosenberg writes in the January 1998 issue: “8. Share less, assess more. If you really want a husband, not just a convenient bed … Continue reading

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Super Addictions: Fornication, Adultery – 7 Excuses

   Major issues deserve specific responses. Man wants his pleasure. God wants purity. Hollywood and the world is putting out the lie that fornication and  living together, is normal, natural. Satan always arrives on the wings of a lie (Jn 8.44). … Continue reading

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17 Reasons Not To Live Together – Cohabit

 1.  God has a wonderful plan, a better plan, for your life. Jesus said, “I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” (Jn 10.10.b) (Jer 29.11).  “For God so loved the world, that he … Continue reading

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Bad relationship, bloody ending

  Lately, we have had several violent deaths involving live in couples in the area. A nearby, cohabiting relationship ended tragically last week. The mother of several young children allegedly wanted to end the fornicating relationship.  The boy friend  blew her … Continue reading

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Cohabiting: pro and con

        Fornication is a super addiction.  Man seeks  pleasure. God wants purity. Who is God?: Moses was tending sheep in the wilderness when he saw a burning bush. It was not consumed. “And Moses said, I will turn aside, and … Continue reading

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