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6 Lies Underpinning Much Political And Religious Liberalism?

1.There is no absolute truth.  Answer: “Are you absolutely sure that there is no absolute truth? That statement sounds absolute itself.” This commonplace lie denies God’s authority and power to run His universe. Landlords make the rules. Rebellion comes in … Continue reading

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Best Christmas Movie: I’m Not Ready For Christmas

I like this 2015 Hallmark film, I’m Not Ready For Christmas. It’s truly a  modern Pinocchio or Aesop’s Fable. A young, single ad executive, Alicia Witt is addicted to telling fibs, lies and lame excuses. Others see it but to … Continue reading

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Lies defeating Christian college students

   Lies are lies.  Lies attack God’s holy, sinless nature. One of Jesus’ names is Truth (Jn 14.6). This is one of a series of posts on college campus issues. My wife and I were campus staff workers with a  … Continue reading

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5 Lies That would Steal One’s Salvation, Eternal Heaven, Abundant Life Now

  When Satan attacked Jesus personally, Jesus quoted Bible verses. (Matt 4.1-11). The Word is powerful! We need to know and quote it too when we are attacked.  “for he [satan] is a liar and the father of lies” (Jn … Continue reading

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