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Do Feelings Save Me? Get Me To Heaven?

  courtesy www.goodfreephotos.com   Feelings don’t save us.  “Faith is one thing, feeling is another.” – Dwight Moody. We can get good feelings from: nature, paintings, movies, poetry, people, church ceremonies, a caring pastor or moving music.  An atheist can feel good.  Feelings … Continue reading

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Did I Really Get Saved Or Was It Just A Passing Feeling?

      Suppose that a young person,  Sandy, comes to Jesus. As warned the following morning the devil starts planting seeds of doubt about here decision. Was it just feelings she felt? Was there any reality to it?  Can we trust … Continue reading

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Which Religions Can Assure Me That I Am Really Going To Heaven?

      There is good news! Yes we can. Here are a few key thoughts: One task of the Holy Spirit is to give that deep heart assurance that the true Christian will arrive safely in heaven some day! … Continue reading

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Jesus offers what other religions do not have

Jesus of Nazareth is unique. He is different from manmade religions. 1. Only Jesus Christ can say, “I have fully dealt with your sin problem. Trust Me to pay the penalty for all your sins. I alone can forgive your … Continue reading

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