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Why Jesus Came

Jesus did not come to earth from heaven to make bad people a bit nicer but to make dead people alive! Salvation is totally supernatural. It is a one time gift Jesus Christ offers to each repenting sinner. (Luke 13.3)

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How I Got Saved

“My mouth shall tell of Thy righteousness, And of Thy salvation all day long.” (Psa 71.15 NAS). I grew up faithfully attending a liberal, denominational church–Sunday school, church and Wednesday nights. We were taught to be: honest, truthful, obedient, prayerful … Continue reading

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How To Reply To Filthy Comments: Responses – Part 4

       1. “God gives peace.” 2.  “Tom,  I heard your comment,. I’m a Christian. May I ask you a question . . . . Who do you think Jesus Christ is?” 3. “Hinson, may I ask you a personal … Continue reading

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5 Things Dad Never Told Me – Part 13

  1.  Hire happy people. They are a lot easier to work  with every day. 2. Impatient drivers hug the bumper of the car in front.  One day the odds will catch up. It’s a good way to meet new people and receive … Continue reading

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11 Things Moms Teach Youngsters – Part 8

  1.  Don’t eat food off  the street or allow strangers to feed your mind. 2. Be a light house, not a fire cracker. Shine, shine, shine. 3. Lessons learned at home are often free. The world charges high prices to teach character and common … Continue reading

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Jessica Lynch Needed A “Door-Kicker”

  “During the Iraqi War a U.S. soldier was captured along with others. They nearly lost 16 soldiers. Around midnight on Apil 1 a few dozen Special Operations “door-kickers” piled into Black Hawk helicopters and headed for Nasiriya. The southern Iraqi city was … Continue reading

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Why Is Hell Necessary? – Part 1

  1. God has promised to punish sin. He must fulfill His Word. (Ezek 18.4; Lu 13.3; Jn 3.16). 2. Evil angels must be punished. “For God did not spare angels when they sinned, but cast them into hell and committed them … Continue reading

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Can Overtalking Be A Relationship Turn Off?

  Some talkers seem to be competing with Niagara Falls. A constant stream of verbage pours forth. We have all experienced that. Such self-absorption is the opposite of showing interest in others. Recently at the health facility where I work out … Continue reading

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Can I Create My Own Truth?

  Is there a difference between me having my own opinions and actually creating my own truth? A two-year old with a temper tantrum has a very definite opinion. Is that truth? Realty? What constitutes truth? Personal opinions: I like … Continue reading

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If Jesus Lied About Hell, We Have No Sinless Savior

   If Jesus Christ lied to us about hell  He is not sinless. Thus we would have no sinless sacrifice for our sins. We must face the implications of this, head on. We cannot dismiss hell detached from Jesus’ words. … Continue reading

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