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How To Reply to Lustful Advances

  Teens and adults do walk too many miles without being hit on or being offered an enticing offer to commit immorality. How should a high-minded person reply? What do you think of the comment, “true friends protect our purity”? “I don’t … Continue reading

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Can A One Night Stand Change Your Life? Ask David

     King David’s one night fling with Bathsheba cost him big time. He paid for it a thousand times over. How?: Being public it surely tainted the respect high-minded citizens and friends had for David. What would his reputation have … Continue reading

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Does Clean Character Cohabit?

  I was watching a matchmaking reality show recently. A rich dude was presented a bevy of attractive ladies. For this guy the matchmaker told her assistants to find girls similar to  Ivana Trump – sophisticated, educated, though not necessarily blond.  … Continue reading

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Avoiding Trick Monkeys

  Trick Monkey: Zan says that he agrees with Tanya’s godly core values. She boldly states that she wants to save herself for marriage. Zan says that he will not bring fleshly temptations into her life. She commits to the same things … Continue reading

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Slutty behavior can attack many relationships

  Throwing a rock in a pond causes ripples, disruption, waves, far beyond the stone itself. So it is with addictive sins like fornication (or porn, drugs, drunkenness, gambling). We do not sin in a vacuum. Sins potentially impacts our other relationships, inside … Continue reading

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Godly Relationships Bill of ‘Rights’

   Some singles get into  male-female relationships willy-nilly . . . no plan . . . just winging it . . .  flesh not God’s Spirit riding high. Kit says, “Long-term, self-destructive, dead-end, relationship  train wrecks happen. Hooking up is obviously not God’s answer either. … Continue reading

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Jesus lifted her burden

   Like warm, tender stories with good endings? Read John 4. 1-45. Jesus encounters a fallen lady at a well, a very public place. After asking her for a drink of water Jesus stirs her curiosity about who He is. He … Continue reading

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Love test for teens

    Do you know where your date is coming from? Compatible core values are vital to a good, long term relationship.  Christian school administrator, Mike Long, has developed abstinence based instruction for teens. This includes a LOVE TEST for teens. After hearing … Continue reading

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One night stands

 One night stands are not new. Evidently God sees them significant enough for the Bible to address. In Proverbs chapter 7, Solomon gives his son advice regarding  women.    Why did God put Proverbs 7 in the Bible?  Several possible reasons for this … Continue reading

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17 Reasons Not To Live Together – Cohabit

 1.  God has a wonderful plan, a better plan, for your life. Jesus said, “I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” (Jn 10.10.b) (Jer 29.11).  “For God so loved the world, that he … Continue reading

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