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Does the Judeo-Christian God accept or reject other religions? Why are they not acceptable?

 HOW DOES GOD VIEW OTHER RELIGIONS INCLUDING IDOL WORSHIPING RELIGIONS?:  (1) In Isaiah 44.9-20, God’s prophet explains how false religions   came in. Men used the trees God made to carve into idols and fell down before them to worship … Continue reading

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“I’ll Get To Heaven My Own Way. I Don’t Follow The Bible”

  Mold-your-own religion is rampant today. Can a man create his own god in his opinions and have that god, that creature, that idol of the mind,  get him any where? A blind spot is assuming one can reach the … Continue reading

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Can Drinking Hurt a Christian’s Influence?: 20 Thoughts

The U.S. is  drunk on pleasure and booze.  What does the Bible have to say about  drinking and drinking parties?  Can regular boozing harm a true believer’s  testimony? Why can drinking believers be viewed as hypocrites and not be taken seriously? … Continue reading

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Is God Tolerant Towards Idol Worshipping Religions?

Tolerance for all beliefs, all lifestyles is a common mantra today. But does the God of the Bible agree with all this exchanging timeless, Bible truth for so called “love,”  acceptance, anything goes, mold-your-own-god, compromise? 1.  From the Ten Commandments: … Continue reading

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