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Does the Judeo-Christian God accept or reject other religions? Why are they not acceptable?

 HOW DOES GOD VIEW OTHER RELIGIONS INCLUDING IDOL WORSHIPING RELIGIONS?:  (1) In Isaiah 44.9-20, God’s prophet explains how false religions   came in. Men used the trees God made to carve into idols and fell down before them to worship … Continue reading

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Why Is Sin So Evil?

  Have you too wondered why sin was so evil? What does God hate it so much? Why isn’t God open to compromise? One definition of sin, “an organized power, a principle. ” Earth is God’s property, His harvest fields. … Continue reading

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Is God Tolerant Towards Idol Worshipping Religions?

Tolerance for all beliefs, all lifestyles is a common mantra today. But does the God of the Bible agree with all this exchanging timeless, Bible truth for so called “love,”  acceptance, anything goes, mold-your-own-god, compromise? 1.  From the Ten Commandments: … Continue reading

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