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Meet The New, Open Range Spirituality

Open Range Spirituality: external religion unhindered with the inconvenience of moral restraints, modesty, clean speech,  purity, virginity, soberness and love for God’s house–aka  false faith,  tokenism, worldly pleasure coated with hypocrisy. It’s man concocting a god to reflect his own … Continue reading

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A Question Some Millennials Can’t Answer – 1

In my work I talk a lot with young adults. Some lack solid answers for basic spiritual questions. For example, define hypocrisy.  Can a person refuse to be saved by grace through faith, live immorally, avoid Jesus’ body of believers … Continue reading

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One Shot Religion? Get An Annual Fix? Token Christian?

      Know some one who contributes to the church maybe annually”? Ever known a friend who attends church twice a year  – perhaps to show that he is still “in the club”? Or who has a kind word … Continue reading

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