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Is Humanism Reality Or Rebellion Against Creator God? Can Humanism Pass These 8 Tests?

Humanism theorizes that man’s nature is good and he needs no deity to maximize his potential worth. Is this spray painted atheism or agnosticism? I focus on naturalistic theory, accompanied by anti-God evolution. DEATH  TEST: Offer even the possibility of … Continue reading

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Is Humanism A Thief?

  courtesy: goodfreephotos.com Humanism is like a slick, used car salesman. It wants you to trade in your trip to heaven, forgiveness for sin, Savior’s peace and joy, abundant life now for guilt, glitz, temporary good feelings, small pleasures and a … Continue reading

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5 Things Dad Never Told Me – #31

1.  I prefer to let workmen totally complete a job before paying the full amount. Much bargaining power is lost if paying upfront or prematurely. Even with good workers something can be overlooked. Don’t assume, inspect. 2. Is he marriage material?: … Continue reading

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False Teaching Attacks God or His Son, Jesus Christ. Can You Identify It?

          Satan hates God and has lies to attack Him and what He stands for. This is effective on those who do not know God’s Word. False teachjing attacks God’s: existence, creative power, love for man, power, … Continue reading

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Humanism: The Pleasure Boat With No Destination, No Hope

    Humanism is merely spray painted atheism. Humanism is intellectualism’s way of denying God’s existence, power and love for fallen man.  There is a death wish inherent in humanism.” Francis Schaeffer. It steals eternal life.  Humanism is like a … Continue reading

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“Technology is God” Humanism Has Failed Us

 The United States has 486 prisoners per 100,000 of population, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics. New Zealand has the second highest prison population per capita amongst developed countries, with 169 prisoners per 100,000.  Why is our incarceration rate over 250 … Continue reading

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Evolution: Flaws, Blindspots

Exposing atheistic evolution’s “secret” flaws. What atheistic humanists didn’t tell me. Creationism: the dominant western view for centuries. The Bible works. “holding fast the faithful word (Tit 1.9a). “False prophets shall arise.” (Mark 13.22). If God is Creator He is the father … Continue reading

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