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Skeptic’s Downward Spiral?

The skeptic, the Bible doubter, often believes that man is basically good not evil. So being saved from evil, from  sin, is unnecessary. And since God is love, live it up– sin is free. I have 2 eternal choices in … Continue reading

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Is Hell Real?

   Reasons why hell is real: 1.  I have never caught God  in a lie.  Men can lie but not holy God. Hell is necessary if God’s truthfulness is to be upheld and believed. Praise His holy name. He loves us! He sent … Continue reading

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Why Is Hell Necessary? – Part 1

  1. God has promised to punish sin. He must fulfill His Word. (Ezek 18.4; Lu 13.3; Jn 3.16). 2. Evil angels must be punished. “For God did not spare angels when they sinned, but cast them into hell and committed them … Continue reading

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What Any True God Should Be Able To Do

  “If all the religions in the world were true, the world would be a cosmic madhouse.” – unknown, quoted by Erwin Lutzer on BBN radio network. 1. The number one job of any religion is to provide eternal life with … Continue reading

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10 Things Moms Teach Youngsters – Part 3

  1. If you weren’t raised in a barn, don’t act like it. 2.  We were all created in the image of a clean, pure, holy God! Our mouths do not have to toilet bowls. 3.  Learning is not about adding … Continue reading

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