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Lose The Bachelor Party?

  Thoughts on the  bachelor and bachelorette party:  Assuming you are seious about ha ving a Christian wedding, would Jesus be comfortable at this bachelor party? Be real! Marriage is supposed to be holy as unto God. Why walk into church with muddy … Continue reading

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15 Reasons To Avoid Dives, Heavy Drinking Parties And Temptaton Pits

  1.   It just takes one instant to ruin a life. Last year our church song leader’s niece was hit on her moped and killed by a drunk driver. The young man was not even normally a drinker. He went to … Continue reading

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Choosing A College: Students Seek Out Their Own Kind

  Who should I hang out with?  How important is choosing college,  the right college? Does it often determine who I will marry? My core values and morals? My friends? The largest generation so far is the 78 million strong millennials.They … Continue reading

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Relationships with heavy drinkers, druggies, gamblers, law breakers

  Sin slaves are not free emotionally, morally, behaviorally or financially to form healthy relationships with any one. Slaves are already married, already committed. Stimulants or some other pet sin is their spouse. It often drains much of their time, energy … Continue reading

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