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“Will God Send Me To Hell Just Because I Don’t Believe In Jesus?” Reply: “This is best answered with a question:

Do people die just because they don’t go to the doctor? No. They die because they have a disease.  Likewise, you don’t go to hell merely because you don’t trust Jesus; you go to hell because you’ve sinned. Since God … Continue reading

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Will All Go To Heaven?: Frank Turek Asked Ladies In The Audience If They Ever Had A Guy Pursue Them Whom They Didn’t Want To Date?

One lady shouted out over the others, “Yes.” Turek’s point is that you cannot force some one to love you. If the man truly loves you he  will respect your wishes to be left alone. Similarly if one continues to … Continue reading

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Godly Replies To Pick Up Lines?

I heard a wise pastor/teacher, Harold Burchett say, “I never like to see sin walk off the court, thinking it has won.” Might one use a passing stranger’s pick up effort as a brief witnessing opportunity  for the Lord Jesus! … Continue reading

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“I’ll Get To Heaven My Own Way. I Don’t Follow The Bible”

  Mold-your-own religion is rampant today. Can a man create his own god in his opinions and have that god, that creature, that idol of the mind,  get him any where? A blind spot is assuming one can reach the … Continue reading

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Why religious rites, good deeds cannot get one to heaven

   1.  Salvation is a Person – Jesus IS salvation. One must repent of sin and ask Jesus to come into his heart. This requires a supernatural, heart operation. The Spirit of Jesus comes inside us (Ezek 36.26; 2 Cor 5.17; Gal … Continue reading

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Avoid heaven and eliminate these ‘problems’

  Heaven, heaven, heaven. We hear of it so often.  Depending on one’s likes and dislikes here are some projections of what rejecting Jesus and heaven will bring, according to the Bible. 1.  Avoid all that dull, churchy music. The Bible … Continue reading

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