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How Can I Find Out Now If I Am Saved Or Lost?

courtesy: goodfreephotos.com Is it important to know if one is truly saved or lost? We get bombarded with info today. Where on my list should input about salvation rank? What should be the number one job of any religion? For many, … Continue reading

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Jesus Often Asked Debators Questions. Have You Got Some Handy?

          When having a one to one discussion with one open to spiritual things, we can use questions to probe beyond  initial, negative comments or misconceptions.. Is his view supportable or is he just passing along some idle … Continue reading

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Why Can’t I Get Victory Over My Sin?

  Several Possible Reasons: not yet a believer so do not have access to Holy Spirit indwelling power. God works from the inside out (Rom 8.1-16). love sin more than Jesus; do not deeply yearn for deliverance; prefer to have it … Continue reading

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Lifestyle Choices: What My Parents Didn’t Tell Me

  !. You can dib-dab your money away or save it for the big things in life. 2. Hang out with snakes, expect to get bit. (1 Cor 15.22; 2 Cor 6.14-17). 3. Drink upstream from the herd. There are … Continue reading

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7 False Roads To Heaven

  1.  I can make up my own rules, my own right and wrong. I can play God. Bible Answer: If one is creating his own god, that better include making his own heaven too. Rejecting the God of the Bible also … Continue reading

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Megan Meets Jason: Two Worlds Collide

  Single girls like to meet new guys. Jason shows up at a church party. Megan was not raised in a Christian home but has recently decided she wanted more in life than the worldly lifestyle she was heading into. She … Continue reading

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