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How To Reply to Lustful Advances

  Teens and adults do walk too many miles without being hit on or being offered an enticing offer to commit immorality. How should a high-minded person reply? What do you think of the comment, “true friends protect our purity”? “I don’t … Continue reading

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7 Things Dad Never Told Me – Part 21

    1.  Some football coaches like the challenge of rebuilding  a losing team. The worse the organization the greater the upside!  Jesus came into a bad situation, a sinful, lost world. He was expecting to rebuild losers, sinners, from the … Continue reading

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Co-Habiting Girl Needs Advice – Kara’s Case Study

   Kara has been living with her boyfriend, Ted, for 2 years. (names and certain facts changed but a true story). Their house is in Ted’s name but Kara helps pay the monthly mortgage payments. They each pay their own bills. … Continue reading

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