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Avoiding Trick Monkeys

  Trick Monkey: Zan says that he agrees with Tanya’s godly core values. She boldly states that she wants to save herself for marriage. Zan says that he will not bring fleshly temptations into her life. She commits to the same things … Continue reading

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Grandma’s Dating Advice

  I recently watched a Duck Dynasty episode (A & E TV reality show) where the matriarch of the clan, Kay Robertson, was offering advice to her grand son and grand-daughter. Ity centered around what is referred to as: teen dating, dating advice, dating … Continue reading

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Date Unbelievers?

  Last night Mike was telling about being in Pennsylvania, USA. He and another believer were talking to a street fighter about receiving Jesus. The street fighter commented, “It’s a joke. . . . I have dated too many Christian … Continue reading

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Godly Relationships Bill of ‘Rights’

   Some singles get into  male-female relationships willy-nilly . . . no plan . . . just winging it . . .  flesh not God’s Spirit riding high. Kit says, “Long-term, self-destructive, dead-end, relationship  train wrecks happen. Hooking up is obviously not God’s answer either. … Continue reading

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Common relationship traps

  Many singles and divorcees live in an unrealistic dream world. They have no plan in place to protect themselves from trainwreck relationships. They have not decided what core values must be protected at all costs. Yet they expect great things to … Continue reading

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Friends first relationships

  How many singles have tried the “Friends First” concept to mating? With half of current marriages ending in divorce surely a better plan is needed.  I have friends, Daniel and Michelle, Esther and Bob, who went this route and … Continue reading

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11 Tips to Find the Right Mate

“Singles lack a plan. They go into dating, into love, to relationships and they are winging it.”–Van Epp, marriage and family counselor. America’s sky high divorce rate shows that “dating” has not been a very successful mating method. Divorce rates … Continue reading

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Purity Pledge – Better Relationships

        Big problems can call for bold, creative responses. I praise God for those who came up with the Purity Pledge idea! Bless them Jesus!  Hollywood and the culture brashly promote immorality and sin. We’ve got something a … Continue reading

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Don’t be a slut

   Fornicators, adulterers – whatever happened evil and wickedness? Sin has lost its stink today. The enemy’s lies now call biblical wickedness, “diversity,” “cohabiting,” or “alternative lifestyles.” (This is another in the series of posts in the “college life” category.) My wife and … Continue reading

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9 Reasons to avoid online relationships

Some thing may need tweaking if one is not meeting godly people and making healthy relationships among existing, real life contacts. Continue reading

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