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Reflecting on Hallmark movies

Taste in movies varies widely, even among Christians. As a repeat viewer of many Hallmark films I offer my evaluation of them  as a whole. Exceptions exist! Generally what do I see as their pluses and minuses? Pluses: little titillation … Continue reading

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12 Reasons Why Living Together Is Self-defeating

-courtesy: goodfree photos 1. Like racing an expensive sports car through  the woods is misusing one’s purity, modesty and virginity.  The Bible puts it this way: “As a ring of gold in a swine’s snout, So is a beautiful woman who … Continue reading

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America’s Big Moral Issues?

  goodfreephotos.com unthankful to God for His great blessings on this land sin-thirsty hardhearted, unwilling to change mind about sin shallow spirituality without: repentance of sin, Bible reading, obedience to church leaders, willingness to come together to worship God addicted … Continue reading

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5 Reasons Why Fornicating Is Losing: Avoiding The Skank Express

 “Life is hard,  but it can be a lot harder, if you do something stupid.” – John Wayne 1. Like racing an expensive sports car through  the woods is misusing one’s purity, modesty and virginity.  The Bible puts it this way: … Continue reading

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Co-Habiting Girl Needs Advice – Kara’s Case Study

   Kara has been living with her boyfriend, Ted, for 2 years. (names and certain facts changed but a true story). Their house is in Ted’s name but Kara helps pay the monthly mortgage payments. They each pay their own bills. … Continue reading

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Choosing A College: Students Seek Out Their Own Kind

  Who should I hang out with?  How important is choosing college,  the right college? Does it often determine who I will marry? My core values and morals? My friends? The largest generation so far is the 78 million strong millennials.They … Continue reading

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Airports Screen Dangerous People. Should I Have Friendship Guidelines?

  “For you have been bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body.” (1 Cor 6.20 NAS). Are all friendships equally safe? Should we hug every stray dog? Should we discern who is likely to import pain and problems … Continue reading

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Is Adultery Despising, Rejecting God?

  America has lost her virginity.  Adultery, fornication are now commonplace. Divorces, disease and alienation are rampant. The sexual freedom spawned in the 1960s has not brought heaven on earth but heartache and evil.  Man’s way is not better than Creator … Continue reading

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Slutty behavior can attack many relationships

  Throwing a rock in a pond causes ripples, disruption, waves, far beyond the stone itself. So it is with addictive sins like fornication (or porn, drugs, drunkenness, gambling). We do not sin in a vacuum. Sins potentially impacts our other relationships, inside … Continue reading

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Fornication Addiction Can Steal Soul Mate, Child-bearing Years

  Sad . . . really sad to hear of those wasting many child bearing years. Was God’s choice of a spouse missed because one was  AWOL, addicted to immorality, fornication?  Skirt hounds, tramps and cohabiters pay a high price. … Continue reading

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