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“Mommy, Why Aren’t You And Daddy Married? I Want A Real Family.”

  Cohabiting is faddish in America. Holy marriage is down.  It is shaking one’s little fist in the face of a holy God! Living together is boldly declaring to the neighbors that one is on the devil’s side. It takes a cold person to breathe … Continue reading

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Godly Dating Rules

  Do you believe in godly dating standards, a game plan? The Bible does too. Genesis 24 is the warm, wonderful story of how Isaac and Rebekah were brought together. Rebekah was a beautiful virgin with a heart to serve others. … Continue reading

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Cohabit? Secular author offers downside, premarital issues

  In addition to offending a holy God, does cohabiting come at a price? Risky? Self magazine author Helena Rosenberg writes in the January 1998 issue: “8. Share less, assess more. If you really want a husband, not just a convenient bed … Continue reading

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