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Two types Of Teachers

courtesy: goodfreephotos.com Are your instructors wiser than a pile of rocks? Below are quotes from two distinctly different camps of teachers. Does one better express your views? GROUP A: “Almighty God is not under our microscope. We are under His.” “God is testing … Continue reading

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7 Questions About Secular Philosophers

  courtesy: goodfreephotos.com Socrates said that the “unexamined life is not worth living.” But many thinkers are still searching and writing books with new theories. Evidently no secular thinker has found adequate answers. And if these scholars can’t find it, how … Continue reading

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Should I Avoid Secular Philosophers?

courtesy: goodfreephotos.com Agnostic philosophers are like a blind man in a dark cave, looking for an imaginary cat and finding it. Teachers and false teachers may all look the same outwardly. Should wise Christians risk their faith by reading secular philosophers’ stuff? Is … Continue reading

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Should A Christian Listen To This Theologian? Philosopher?

courtesy: goodfreephotos.com All tjat glitters is not gold. Many theologians and western philosophers talk of Almighty God as if they were grading a student’s term paper. Objective thinkers considering themselves qualified to address God or biblical issues should be open to … Continue reading

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Should We Get Bible Truth From Skeptics? Outsiders?

courtesy: goodfreephotos.com Philosopher Immanuel Kant  thinks that “We have no basis for assuming that the principles we employ in the analysis of our experience can apply to anything beyond our experience.” Philosophy Made Simple, Richard H. Popkin, et al. Kant attacks … Continue reading

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Which Church Has The Right Answer? Why Don’t They All Agree?

Fair question. Why are there so many different views among churches? It can get confusing. Hopefully we can make some headway here. Lots of factors in play: 1. Big Picture: “In essentials unity, in nonessentials diversity” attributed to St. Augustine.  Essential … Continue reading

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10 Reasons Why I Avoid False Teachers And Unsaved Philosophers’ Theories

courtesy: goodfreephotos.com  “A college education shows a man how little other people know” -Haliburton 1.I expect Christian teachers to be open and thankful that the blood of Christ has definitely saved them! This separates them from false teachers, outsiders, scoffers … Continue reading

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How Do You Identify False Teachers?

      Can you tell the difference between true and false teaching? Does false teaching concern you? Some assume that any one who mentions the Bible, reads a verse or speaks of Jesus is OK? Is this true?   … Continue reading

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If Jesus Lied About Hell, We Have No Sinless Savior

   If Jesus Christ lied to us about hell  He is not sinless. Thus we would have no sinless sacrifice for our sins. We must face the implications of this, head on. We cannot dismiss hell detached from Jesus’ words. … Continue reading

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“Love” vs Right Doctrine

Can hearing the “l” word,”love,” turn off our doctrinal radar? Bible Broadcasting Network/”Running to Win” program teacher tells of reading a false teacher’s book. The liberal teacher wrote that Jesus did not die to pay for our sins but to show us that … Continue reading

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