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“As you read the epistle of James, you discover that these Jewish Christians were having some problems in their personal lives and in their church fellowship. . . . difficult testings, temptations to sin . . . catering to the … Continue reading

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Are Physicists/String Theory Proponents Wedded To Faith?

Some physicists believe in string theory. It is unconfirmed by experiment. They must believe without evidence. “One of the biggest criticisms of string theory is that it has never been confirmed by experiment, despite its long history. The difficulty lies … Continue reading

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True Faith, Real Commitment, Remains When There Is No Feeling

True faith in Christ remains. Faith is there when ther is no feeling. Many today make decisions by feeling not faith, prayer, Christian counsel or God’s Word. Don’t feel, think godly thoughts! Seek heavenly wisdom. Faith is stronger than passing … Continue reading

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Is Science An Adequate Religion?

Science cannot explain many essential things including where the spirit and soul of man come from. Why can we not watch them being created as we can the human fetus? Science cannot forgive sin, make man good or give eternal … Continue reading

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Dead Religion Does Not Lead To Heaven

Jesus is looking for faith. Faith is strengthened through Bible reading, Bible-based teaching and encouragement—positives. Let’s look at five, controversial, negative concepts that undermine, faith in historic, orthodox, Christianity. These five liberal errors attack the very core of the Christian … Continue reading

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Should My Religion Be Based On My Feelings?

  Should a person decide what to believe based on his or her feelings or something that does not change with moods and circumstances? Big question!  Imagine Jesus of Nazareth nailed up on the cross, dying for our sins. Suppose He said, … Continue reading

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Will Jesus save those in other religions?

  The short answer is that Jesus wants to save any and all who will trust Him. “whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord [Jesus] shall be saved.” (Rom 10.13) (Matt 11.28-30; Jn 3.16; 10.28). Come today and … Continue reading

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Can You Sleep in a Storm?

A storm arrives with noise, wind and  rain.  High up in a tree is a little bird’s nest.  Yet the baby birds are at rest under Momma’s wings – at peace. Why? They are closer to Momma than the storm. … Continue reading

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“Technology is God” Humanism Has Failed Us

 The United States has 486 prisoners per 100,000 of population, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics. New Zealand has the second highest prison population per capita amongst developed countries, with 169 prisoners per 100,000.  Why is our incarceration rate over 250 … Continue reading

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This Couple Was Separated For 6 Months, Then God Moved

William and Betty had been married for 16 years. Both had been married before. Now they were having troubles. William was deeply involved with his job plus evening activities. He was mostly gone. She was often focused on her grown children. Things … Continue reading

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