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God And Evil

Questions arise about  God and the evil around us. But there is also  the evil within the inquirer.  — Ravi Zacharias. Humility beckons.  Has one  come to grips with the depravity in his own heart? Does he have a log in … Continue reading

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If God Is Not Good Why Obey Him?

  Skeptics including western philosophers ask, why obey a Christian God that allows evil and suffering? One philosopher writes: “Many philosophers have had serious reservations about Christianity . . . Immorality is equated with disobedience . . . Why obey the … Continue reading

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Questions For Atheists On Suffering And Evil

  Questions For Atheists About Suffering And Evil Posted on May 3, 2014 by FredKerr  If there is no God why even raise the name of God? Are you not complaining about a myth? Nonexistent person? If there is no … Continue reading

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Why Is Sin So Evil?

  Have you too wondered why sin was so evil? What does God hate it so much? Why isn’t God open to compromise? One definition of sin, “an organized power, a principle. ” Earth is God’s property, His harvest fields. … Continue reading

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The Problem Of Evil

   Through the centuries people have asked: “How can a good God allow evil and suffering? Why does He not prevent  genocide, disease, hatred, wars, rape, atrocities, tornadoes? Is God unloving, powerless or retired? I  would prefer  earth to be like … Continue reading

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