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7 Common Blindspots Regarding Salvation

  From talking to many people about their eternal destiny I have repeatedly heard these common blind spots, misunderstandings. What does the Bible say about them?: 1.  Is one fully saved on one day or is it little by little, … Continue reading

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What Any True God Should Be Able To Do

  “If all the religions in the world were true, the world would be a cosmic madhouse.” – unknown, quoted by Erwin Lutzer on BBN radio network. 1. The number one job of any religion is to provide eternal life with … Continue reading

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Salvation By Grace Vs Cheap Grace: Will Redeemed Saints Continue In Sin?

  “being justified as a gift by His grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus.” (Rom 3.24 NAS). Jesus’ gracious death on the Cross has already paid for the repentant sinner’s sins. No one can earn his  way to  … Continue reading

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What Can Jesus Of Nazareth Do That No Other Religion Can?

 Compare religions. Are all religions just different paths up the mountain to God? What separates Jesus Christ from all the other religions of the world? There are really only two religions in the world. Trusting Jesus Christ’s free gift of … Continue reading

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Is Jesus God? Part 2

  It makes an eternal difference. Is Jesus of Nazareth, God or man? No sinful man can pay the penalty for our sins. Thus forgiveness for sin and our trip to heaven would be impossible. Why? Because the Bible says that sin … Continue reading

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3 Things The Old Testament Law Cannot Do

  It cannot make men good. The OT Law cannot forgive sin. It cannot give eternal life. So why did God give it? to point out man’s sin. Like an x-ray its job is to point out the problem not … Continue reading

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Avoid heaven and eliminate these ‘problems’

  Heaven, heaven, heaven. We hear of it so often.  Depending on one’s likes and dislikes here are some projections of what rejecting Jesus and heaven will bring, according to the Bible. 1.  Avoid all that dull, churchy music. The Bible … Continue reading

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“I’m 87 percent sure of going to heaven,” she said.

  Today in a public reception area I talked with three teens. One girl, perhaps 18 or so, was asked if she knew which way she would go if she died tonight?” She replied, “I am 87 percent sure of … Continue reading

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