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Are Liberal Theologies Typically Stable Or Transient?

Liberal theologies often seem short-lived, faddish. Are they  grounded in God’s Word or man’s endless opinions?   Here is one list of many of them. Since around 1900 non-orthodox theories and gospel alterations  include: “[Social Gospel], Neo-orthodoxy, Demythologization . . . … Continue reading

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Can You Detect False Teachers?

  “Avoid profane and vain babblings.” (1 Tim 6.20-21). Warren Wiersbe writes about an Army chaplain who preached that there was no hell. Afterwards some soldiers suggested to him that his services were not needed. He should resign. They reasoned that if … Continue reading

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Does God Want Many Different Church Traditions?

There are thousands of different church traditions worldwide. But If God’s truth is absolute why have churches disagreed for centuries on  secondary issues? (I refer only to born again, regenerate churches.) Some Christian centuries ago wisely said: “In essentials unity, in non essentials … Continue reading

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“Love” vs Right Doctrine

Can hearing the “l” word,”love,” turn off our doctrinal radar? Bible Broadcasting Network/”Running to Win” program teacher tells of reading a false teacher’s book. The liberal teacher wrote that Jesus did not die to pay for our sins but to show us that … Continue reading

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