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7 Things Dad Never Told Me – Part 21

    1.  Some football coaches like the challenge of rebuilding  a losing team. The worse the organization the greater the upside!  Jesus came into a bad situation, a sinful, lost world. He was expecting to rebuild losers, sinners, from the … Continue reading

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Work place decision-making

  When making job-related decisions what spiritual principles could be personal thoughts for me? What might I reflect on before speaking out publicly? 1.  Do not rush a decision. Avoid Eve’s decision-making errors (Gen 3.1-6). She made a major decision: without … Continue reading

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Making good decisions

  All long term problems are top management problems – corporate saying. Several ways to make a questionable decision – make it: when out of the spirit ( frustrated, spiteful, angry, lonely, depressed, discouraged, fearful, grieving, lustful),  without seeking God’s will … Continue reading

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