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SMILES ARE CONTAGIOUS Joy is a daily choice – Power Up, Buttercup! guard your mouth—let words be few it takes two to argue. . . . walk away. . . be the peacemaker DRUGS: SATAN PIMPING SUCKERS Faith Trumps Fear … Continue reading

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Understanding Loneliness

        Have you ever been really lonely?  Some possible reasons for being lonely include: longing for that relationship with Dad that never happened don’t understand the eternal difference between boring, dead religion and having the Holy Spirit … Continue reading

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Quit Your Religion

      Yes.  When a repenting sinner comes to Jesus he or she needs to get rid of their old, dead religion. If one was into religion that did not have Jesus’ eternal life, joy, abundant life now, peace, forgiveness … Continue reading

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10 Things Dad Never Told Me – Part 3

  1. Treat your Mom special! Occasionally bring her flowers or something she likes. 2.  Take your first job to learn a skill. Then you have some additional reasons to justify more money. 3. Be thankful for what you have. Live … Continue reading

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Is This Reality Show Overripe?

  I recently watched part of a reality show.  It was so sad and bad. I will not give it any free advertising.  It involved a group of young people, mostly singles.  You saw them  travel, work and sharing a … Continue reading

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What Is Dead Religion?

  Jesus’ worst enemy has always been  dead religion or false religion. It is everywhere.  Many do not know the difference between dead religion and the real deal. Hopefully this post will help explain the eternal differences. Read the gospels … Continue reading

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