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I Went To Church But Saw No Change In My Life. Why?

  Good question. There could be several reasons why it did not really make a difference. if one does not know Jesus, he cannot expect to get into Jesus’ presence. God’s children get God’s spiritual blessings not the unsaved. cold-hearted, … Continue reading

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Is This Reality Show Overripe?

  I recently watched part of a reality show.  It was so sad and bad. I will not give it any free advertising.  It involved a group of young people, mostly singles.  You saw them  travel, work and sharing a … Continue reading

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10 Comments “Dead,” Religious People Don’t Make

Time and again well schooled, refined folk get easily embarrassed at the sound of simple Bible concepts: beings saved, born again, blood of Jesus.  Nicodemus and the Pharisees were very religious but not saved. (Jn 8.44). I grew up “religious’ in a … Continue reading

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