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Dating Or Courtship Mentality?

  -courtesy www.goodfreephotos.com   “In dating, intimacy comes before commitment. With courtship, commitment precedes intimacy.” – 19 Kids and Counting, TLC reality series. This comment was made by a young man who met a girl two weeks previous. Now he is … Continue reading

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Avoiding Trick Monkeys

  Trick Monkey: Zan says that he agrees with Tanya’s godly core values. She boldly states that she wants to save herself for marriage. Zan says that he will not bring fleshly temptations into her life. She commits to the same things … Continue reading

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Friends first relationships

  How many singles have tried the “Friends First” concept to mating? With half of current marriages ending in divorce surely a better plan is needed.  I have friends, Daniel and Michelle, Esther and Bob, who went this route and … Continue reading

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That Male-Female Chemistry is Lurking

The male-female chemistry is  hard wired. We can be attracted to any number of people besides our spouse.  That’s life. Believers can become  infatuated with believers or unbelievers. It is certainly not the Holy Spirit leading one to become emotionally involved … Continue reading

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Singles and Relationships

  One can marry “body parts” or some one we really enjoy being with on an eight hour,  road trip.  God is light, purity. Holy marriage should reflect that light, that purity. Fornication, adultery, sex outside marrigae are  attacks on a holy God wanting … Continue reading

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The Singles’ Battleground: Who Owns Your Body?

  In the earlier part of the 20th century in America, dating was often done at home or with a chaperone in tow. Imagine how much less temptation there was. But with the emergence of the auto, teens were thrown  into a throbbing … Continue reading

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Meeting with the Girl’s Father

The other night my wife and I had supper with friends including a newlywed couple. They shared how they got together. Tim and Holly ended up at the same Bible college. She was dating other guys. It was not looking hopeful … Continue reading

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7 Reasons Casual Sex Is Harmful, Self-destructive

“Marriage is honourable to all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge.” (Heb 13.4). Should we call sin by its right name? Jesus  was a “bottom line” man. He got to the heart of the problem. … Continue reading

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