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“. . any woman running for high office faces unfair pressure to project strength. “

 So wrote Eugene Robinson at Washington Post on Carly Fiorina.    If this is true might it also shed light on some of the vitriolic words and behavior of extreme feminism and other groups? Some Options For Persuading Others?: Reason, … Continue reading

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Choosing A College: Students Seek Out Their Own Kind

  Who should I hang out with?  How important is choosing college,  the right college? Does it often determine who I will marry? My core values and morals? My friends? The largest generation so far is the 78 million strong millennials.They … Continue reading

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Why Do People Curse?

  Ever wondered why some people curse or take God’s name in vain? We know that it can be triggered by hitting one’s finger with a hammer, a bad driver, hurtful words or pain. But much cussing occurs far beyond … Continue reading

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Dealing With Foul Language

  I think this is worth repeating. Driving down I-75 I saw a huge, full length sign on the side of  a tractor trailer going  in the opposite direction – ” JESUS CHRIST IS LORD – NOT A SWEAR WORD” The trucker’s boldness … Continue reading

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Should Womens’ Magazines Use Curse Words?

  Our local paper recently reported that Glamour magazine was testing the waters using curse words in print. Cosmopolitan has reportedly long preferred crudeness over good taste. I commend the many papers, radio and TV outlets for maintaining good taste standards, respecting … Continue reading

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Cursing and cussing

  Whether an angry ape slinging his refuse or a man whose mouth is a toilet bowl, neither is fully civilized. Both play the brute in the wild: untamed heart, blind to refinement, unrepentant  and shaking his fist in the … Continue reading

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Our Tongue, Our Relationships

Our tongue  greatly impacts all our relationships.  The tongue is like  a little red spade. Many of the holes I have gotten into in life, I have dug with my little shovel. Our character stands no taller than our words. People evaluate … Continue reading

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