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Is Humanism Reality Or Rebellion Against Creator God? Can Humanism Pass These 8 Tests?

Humanism theorizes that man’s nature is good and he needs no deity to maximize his potential worth. Is this spray painted atheism or agnosticism? I focus on naturalistic theory, accompanied by anti-God evolution. DEATH  TEST: Offer even the possibility of … Continue reading

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Dead Religion Does Not Lead To Heaven

Jesus is looking for faith. Faith is strengthened through Bible reading, Bible-based teaching and encouragement—positives. Let’s look at five, controversial, negative concepts that undermine, faith in historic, orthodox, Christianity. These five liberal errors attack the very core of the Christian … Continue reading

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Is Missile Technology New? Can You Call In ‘Air Strikes’?

        A favorite Old Testament of mine story is in 2 Kings 1. Evil King Ahaziah’s soldiers attempt to arrest Elijah the prophet. God has just had Elijah inform Ahaziah that because he sought supernatural advice from an idol, Beelzabub, he … Continue reading

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The “Big Bang” Created Nothing

  This is  evolution’s, Big Bang theory as I have heard it explained. In the so called “beginning,” tightly compressed matter in a Black Hole exploded and thereby was spread  throughout the universe. Even if it was true this theory creates … Continue reading

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